Telecom Networks - Consulting
Gaurav Jain



Telecom consultant with having industry wide telecom experience globally provides solutions to help clients around the world make critical business decisions. and guide them with the latest industry dynamics, trends, pricing, technology, competitive analysis, operators and suppliers. Expertise include 5G Networks, Fiber Networks, Telecom Towers & Infrastructure, Optical Transmission Networks, Small, LTE/3G/2G Networks, Managed Services etc.

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Digital Transformation
Priyankur Roy


San Jose, CA

Externally digital transformation is a vendor induces mass confusion twisting to suite their purpose. Internally, implementation team digress to fit in their own agenda not necessarily aligned or for the benefit of the enterprise. C suite in the middle is in dire need of a dependable 3rd party neutral adviser with no conflict of interest, either from external or internal decisions, to demystify digital and provide dependable options with outcomes for the leaders to take the right decisions. Priyankur’s ability to understand a customer’s digital needs in fluid environment is the utmost value proposition. A driven result oriented team builder creating sustainable revenue streams with years of progressively responsible experience in digital business. Experienced in orchestrating internal processes and interfacing with customers to bring ideas to closure. Visionary and entrepreneurial, provides thought leadership, coaching and guidance to cross-functional teams harmonizing clients internal environment. With over 25+ years of leadership experience in technology delivering digital transformation advisory, solution and businesses incubation in global Fortune 100 companies from Sprint, Verizon, IBM, Ericsson, Wipro to start ups NIIT, Magma Fincorp, P2P Cash/Bit Minutes. He led multiple digital marketplace initiatives since 2009 focused on creating new digital business models in convergent industries. He is expert in stitching together unique solutions creating new business models for unique customer needs and experience in the evolution of digital society. He has worked globally in every continent and in all major economies and countries.

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  • Digital Transformation Strategy
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Agribusiness - Seeds (Soybean, Corn), Crop Protection (Chemical) and Fertilizers (SSP, NPK)
Daniel Sarnes


Sao Paulo

Skills developed durign 12 years of experience in Agribusiness acting in different technology projects, including Project Manager for greenfields, M&As and SAP Implementations

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Leadership Development
Elise Nobileau Forget



Effective leadership is based on a multiple set of skills that lead to high performance from the executive team and employees across the entire business. Its essential ingredients are trust which then leads to effective a defined mission with matching values, a vision, sound strategic planning, a consistent communication strategy, developing KPIs, following and publishing its metrics, implementing performance management systems, increasing safety, and ultimately influencing followers to perform in ways that advance the mission of the company. Coaching services focus on providing the training, brainstorming, consulting and accountability necessary to advance leaders to the next level helping them to: • Create space for strategic thinking • Delegate to their team more effectively • Improve their team and company engagement • Sustain high performance in their teams • Work in a more Agile way • Improve their time management • Enhance their communication skills for greater influence and impact • Find how they can overcome the ways they sabotage themselves • Improve trust within their team • Identify roadblocks and how to surmount them • Identify outcomes that are detrimental to their professional success

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