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Market Analysis
Gerald Razzano



Gerald provides market analysis for SaaS and technology based businesses. My experience as a top performing sales executive at a number of high growth startups has provided me a broad view of the opportunities and threats that exist in industries such as 3rd Party Food Delivery, Consumer Journey Analytics, and E Commerce Marketplace.

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Leadership Development
Elise Nobileau Forget



Effective leadership is based on a multiple set of skills that lead to high performance from the executive team and employees across the entire business. Its essential ingredients are trust which then leads to effective a defined mission with matching values, a vision, sound strategic planning, a consistent communication strategy, developing KPIs, following and publishing its metrics, implementing performance management systems, increasing safety, and ultimately influencing followers to perform in ways that advance the mission of the company. Coaching services focus on providing the training, brainstorming, consulting and accountability necessary to advance leaders to the next level helping them to: • Create space for strategic thinking • Delegate to their team more effectively • Improve their team and company engagement • Sustain high performance in their teams • Work in a more Agile way • Improve their time management • Enhance their communication skills for greater influence and impact • Find how they can overcome the ways they sabotage themselves • Improve trust within their team • Identify roadblocks and how to surmount them • Identify outcomes that are detrimental to their professional success

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